• Paid On Call Staff

  • We have a ever evolving and dynamic group of paid per call staff.  Typically each one of these members have a full time job elsewhere that answer the call to help the community in the time of need.  To become and stay a active paid per call member these members have a minimum attendance of both calls and training.  They have to make at least 5 calls and 2 trainings monthly.  

  • Safety Officer Randall Grohler

    Serving since 2014

  • FF Kyle Gooch

    Serving since 2005

  • Paramedic Cynthia Campbell

    Serving since 2016

  • Firefighter/EMT Charles Howard Jr.

    Serving since 2014

  • Firefighter Preston Harris

    Serving since 2015

  • FF/EMT Lauren Reeder

    Serving since 2015

  • Firefighter Kyle Boaz

    Serving since 2015

  • Diver Sarah Connel

    Serving since 2018

  • FF Hunter Squallati

    Serving since 2019

  • Tanker Operator Group

    This group of members is specialized in delivering one of the most important resources to the fire ground, WATER!  The fire district has been blessed with this group put together by Chief Crites and trained by Safety Officer Randall Grohler.  

  • Chaplain/Engineer David Thompson

    Serving since 2013

  • Engineer Gary Krutsinger

    Serving since 2014

  • Engineer Jim Cuff

    Serving since 2016

  • Engineer Alan Parks

    Serving since 2016