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  • Training

    Here at Lake Egypt Fire Protection District we complete quite of bit of the required training to our members right here in house.  This not only saves money for the taxpayers, but allows members to get training close to home as many of them have families and full time jobs.  Captain Matt Blue is our training officer here and has done a great job reworking all of the training materials on the fire side.  Captain Blue is also in the the process of finishing up a second Basic Operations Firefighter class in house.  On the Emergency Medical Services front, Safety Officer Randall Grohler has recently attained his State of Illinois certification for EMS lead instructor.  This allowed S/O Grohler to start a EMT- Basic class here.  

    Each member is required to make at least 2 trainings each month to keep up and sharpen their skills.  Along with showing up and participating in training, each active member is to make 5 runs.  

    Each career (full time) member is at a minimum certified through the Office of the State Fire Marshal as a Firefighter II/ Basic Operations Firefighter.  This is the state standard and certification to be a firefighter.  As well as the fire certification, each career member shall be certified as a EMT- Basic through the Illinois Department of Public Health.  Currently, all career members are state certified EMT-Paramedics.  This is a great benefit to the community as there is a much larger scope of practice as a paramedic.

    Each part time member is of the Illinois Department of Public Health EMT-Basic certification.  On top of that each member is currently enrolled or holds the certification of Illinois Firefighter II/ Basic Operations Firefighter.  Currently 75% of our part time staff are either IDPH EMT - Paramedic or in the current EMT - Paramedic class at John A. Logan.

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