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  • The History of Lake Egypt Fire Protection District

    • The Lake Egypt Fire Protection District was formed in 1974. The department started with 18 volunteers and two old military trucks. At that time, the area we protected was approximately thirty-two square miles.

      We have come a long way since 1974. We now have six stations placed throughout the district. We now have five engines, five tankers, five brush trucks, one rescue boat, three ambulances, chief command vehicle and two staff vehicles. We are always looking to the future, planning and upgrading to suite the communities needs. We have a full time fire chief and six career members on shift.  We now have 5 part time firefighter/ EMT's.   Our paid on call roster ranges from 20 to 40 people. Also, our district has grown from 32 square miles to approximately 240 square miles.

      Our personnel are professional and are some of the best trained and qualified in the state. They train together in house at a minimum of three times per month on a wide range of subjects such as Firefighting, hazardous materials and medical training as well.

      On November 3, 1992 a referendum for the district to provide ambulance service was passed. Since December 2, 1993 we have been providing ambulance service to the residents of our district. We started with a basic EMT service and have upgraded to a Paramedic service. This service has proven to be a great asset to the area.

      We would not have been as successful in our endeavor to expand our services without the generosity, donations and support given by people such as yourself and our surrounding community.

      Advanced Life Support Care

      Since December 02, 1993, the Lake Egypt Fire Protection District has provided Ambulance service to the residents of the district. People living in the area have deserved this service for quite some time. All the letters and cards we receive, lets us know it's appreciated. Our goal from the beginning has always been to provide A.L.S. (Advanced Life Support) care to the residents of the district. Some of our Firefighters spent the biggest part of 1996 in school learning to be Paramedics, in order for us to start providing advanced care in December of 1996. We are working hand in hand with the Heartland Regional Medical Center to provide quick, courteous service to our residents and to always stay on top of the ever changing world of emergency medicine.

      How does it Work?

      The Lake Egypt Fire Protection District is rather unique in that it is spread over four different counties. Williamson, Johnson, Jackson and Union.  Both Counties Residents can dial 911 for emergencies.

      If you have an emergency, weather it be a fire, automobile accident, medical emergency, you would dial 911. This will connect you with properly trained emergency Dispatchers. They are trained to get the appropriate information from you, so that they can dispatch the correct emergency unit to your location. You must remember to stay calm and give good clear directions as well any important information to the Dispatcher. The Dispatcher notifies the Fire Department by setting off pagers worn by all of our Firefighters and EMTs. We have at least two people on duty at all times. They are usually en-route to the emergency within a minute.

      We have six fire stations in the district. About 30-40 paid on call members that respond to these stations and respond usually within 3-4 minutes. On medical related calls, we use a first responder system. This means if you have a medical emergency, our EMTs and Paramedics that live close to you will respond directly to your home. They can start rendering care, before the ambulance arrives. Using First Responders is a proven life saving technique.

      Become A Member NOW!

      If you would like to become a member you can just stop by, call us at any time, or visit the Contact Us page. Our main station is located at the corner of Lake Egypt Rd. & Market Rd. Our phone number is (618) 964-1278