• Lake of Egypt Fire District donates firetruck to Southeastern Illinois College

    August 23, 2016 | Blog | PC Doc Admin
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    Southeastern Illinois College’s Fire Science Program has a new fire engine, thanks to Lake of Egypt Fire District.

    The fire engine is a 1975 Mack originally obtained from Pennsylvania in 1990 by the Lake of Egypt Fire District.

    Fire Chief Kirby Crites said the truck was in operation in Lake of Egypt until 2003, at which point it became a reserve engine, as newer models were obtained.

    “It has been a good truck, but we haven’t used it in some years now.  In fact, the only people remaining at the station who have fought fires with it are myself and the assistant fire chief,” said Crites.

    Crites said when his board learned of the need for the truck at SIC, they decided to donate the fire engine, being glad to see it put to good use.

    The truck will be used in SIC’s fire brigade training, fire science classes, and coal mine training events.

    “This is a pivotal piece of equipment for our fire training center, as well as our mine rescue and skills events,” said Brent Maguire, SIC special projects coordinator.

    Maguire said the engine fills a need for the college to continue providing quality fire training.

    Dr. Frank Barbre, SIC Board of Trustees vice chairman added, “In today’s environment of limited finances, it’s important that governmental units work together to provide what the college needs for as little cost as possible.  We appreciate Lake of Egypt Fire District and their board, as this equipment will play an important role at the college.”

    College officials said gifts of property like this truck serve valuable needs that the college can’t afford to do on its own, and such gifts provide hands-on learning for students in the region.

    SIC Foundation Board secretary Ella York said she was happy to accept the truck donation as a valuable learning tool for students.

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